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What is Miscanthus?

Miscanthus is a low-input, high-yielding energy crop which is leading the way in modern sustainable and renewable biomass energy production, and has proven extremely successful in its use as animal bedding. Growing up to 3 meters tall with bamboo-like stems, this crop is perennial meaning that it does not require replanting and instead produces an annual crop that can be expected for up to 20 years. This secures soil stability and similarly supports long-term sequestration (also known as carbon capture) helping to mitigate the effects of global warming. Miscanthus is further a low-input crop and so requires no intensive maintenance or excessive use of fertiliser and other chemicals. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions during production and makes miscanthus more environmentally friendly, especially when compared with traditional grain crops. In fact, miscanthus can be seen to be a carbon-neutral crop as during production emissions from all of the farm machinery’s necessary activity is offset by the carbon dioxide captured by the underground rhizomes during its growth. The introduction of miscanthus to Nanhoron Farms further benefits native wildlife, with its dense growth making it an excellent cover crop and providing shelter and habitat to smaller wildlife, overall increasing biodiversity. 


Not only is our growth of miscanthus sustainable we also ensure that the entire production unit for all of our miscanthus products is completely run on solar energy produced right here at Nanhoron! From harvesting through to delivery, the Team here look after every step of the process to ensure quality is maintained and with full traceability it produces a product you can 100% trust has been produced with the care and attention you can come to expect from Nanhoron Farms.